App in the Modern World

During the time when cellphones first came out, people were unaware of what an app was since everyone was used to computer desktops and programs.  Fast forward to today where people occasionally use computers and apps are now everywhere from phones to televisions to virtual reality headsets. There are a large group of people who want to create apps for everything from major news to bird watching.  The world that we live in today will continue to become more app centered since true programs are slowly disappearing.  

Managing all of you content can be easily accomplished with different types of apps that allow you to view your content everywhere.  These devices and apps need a central storage location for all of the content.  With new media computers installed in homes we have been able to make sense of how to locally and cloud host all of the content and apps that are being used today. So the next time you hear someone explain " There is an app for that!"  Just know that they are probably right.


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