What's on TV tonight?

Over the past several weeks, I thought about all the nostalgic and new TV specials that were available to watch this year. In the old days it was common to use VHS tapes to capture these special memories but today there are many more options. One option that I particularly enjoy is called Windows Media Center. This program is included in many versions of Windows 7 and with a TV tuner card attached to a computer; it is as simple as selecting the program to record and then viewing it later.

There are many stores that sell USB TV tuner cards that will record in high definition (HD) and some people even watch the free HD channels that are broadcast through the air which are captured by an external antenna. However the TV stations are received, the programs can be saved to your computer and viewed on a laptop, through an Xbox 360 game console or directly on your main TV. By using the Media Center interface it is also possible to listen to music, watch internet television and view your own pictures in a musical montage.

There are so many other options available to view and record TV shows but Windows Media Center sometimes gets overlooked. That is why it is worth checking out on a new Windows 7 PC.


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