Company Goals

I work with customers to provide on-site or remote service to fix any technology problem immediately.

Develop on-premise and cloud solutions for small businesses, home office and individuals.

I am equipped with the knowledge and understanding to simplify complex technical terms into useable information for the customer.

The goal of each project is to teach how to use technology to make the job easier by providing prompt, friendly and courteous service.

I will provide free recommendations for purchasing new technology equipment and software for home or office use.

Partner with security companies, distributors and A/V design firms to provide a whole product solution that will handle any type of job.


-Cisco Aironet Access Points

-Cisco Routers/Switches/ SSL VPN

-Microsoft Office 365/ Azure/Teams

-Microsoft Windows Server/ Exchange/ Workstations

-Apple/Linux Computers

-Palo Alto Firewalls

-Apple TV/ Roku/Sonos

-Cloud Backup Services

-TV/ Film Broadcast Storage Solutions

-Customer Relations

-Team Building/Speaking

-Technical Teacher /Trainer

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cloud and IMAP

In the early days of email, it was normal to check your email on one device which was usually a home computer. Today, many people have two or more devices that handle email. With multiple devices, it is imperative that the email on every device be setup with IMAP. IMAP will keep all email in sync so that all inbox, sent items and deleted items will be the same throughout all devices. There are still certain email providers which do not offer IMAP so in that case it is best to forward email from those providers to a provider that offers IMAP.

In addition, there are also many new cloud services that offer the additional option to sync contacts, calendars, internet favorites, documents, photos and music. These services allow for everything that was once local to be hosted away from a central computer where everything becomes available everywhere on every computing device.

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